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West London Interventional Clinic

We bring Harley Street Consultant expertise in Interventional Spinal Medicine to convenient locations across London. The mission of the clinic is to deliver innovative minimally invasive treatments for painful spinal conditions, followed by rehabilitation therapy where appropriate. We take an interventional approach, meaning we want our patients to have the choice of avoiding surgery where possible and experience pain relief without the need for long-term medication.

Dr Stephen Humble

GMC No. 4696458

Dr Stephen Humble is a Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Charing Cross Hospital and St Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust London. He qualified in Medicine at the University of Aberdeen in 2000. His postgraduate training was in the UK and Australia. He has also completed a MSc at the University of Edinburgh in 2010 and a PhD in Neuroscience in 2012. Dr Humble’s area of specialist expertise is in interventional Spinal Medicine and he has performed thousands of epidurals and other spinal injections over the last 16 years or so.

Dr Humble was featured on the BBC1 Programme ‘Health: Truth or Scare’ and has published numerous medical and scientific papers in high-level journals and spoken about his work at many conferences and meetings. Through his research he has adopted cutting edge techniques that are only performed by a small number of specialised doctors such as radiofrequency therapy for spinal pain and nerve entrapment syndromes as well as capsaicin patch therapy for painful peripheral neuropathy. Dr Humble is also a medicolegal expert witness for the courts and has advised on a number of complex cases related to his area of work.

Dr Humble is registered with all the main insurance companies.

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