Joint Injection

Joints provide the connectivity between bones, supporting the body and enabling mobility. Damage to the joints from illness or injury can impact movement and cause pain. Joint pain can affect anyone, old or young and can have many causes; injury or illness, and can affect a single joint or multiple joints. Knee joint pain is particularly common as these joints support your entire body mass, making them vulnerable to strain, impact and injury. Joint pain can reveal itself in different ways such as a sharp or aching pain.

You should seek medical advice to investigate the cause of joint pain, particularly if it is ongoing or if it developed suddenly as a result of trauma. It is important to determine whether the pain is in a single joint or whether it is affecting multiple joints. Causes can include fracture or dislocation, various forms of arthritis, a connective tissue disorder, bleeding in the joint space (haemarthrosis), inflammation of the joint lining, gout or cartilage damage, amongst other causes.

At the London Interventional Clinic we can perform targeted injections to joints with either a steroid to relieve the inflammatory pain or with hyaluronic acid (with or without the addition of steroid), which replaces any lost joint fluid to improve the movement of the joint and provide better absorption of impacts. Osteoarthritis of the knee is usually treated in the first instance with knee joint injections and pain relieving medication, or in severe cases surgery the knee can be surgically replaced – but this is what we want to avoid, if possible.