Terms and Conditions


Clinical Services Provided by Dr S R Humble MBChB, MSc, PhD, FCARCSI

Consultant in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia

Director of Hedox Limited trading as London Interventional Clinic

These terms and conditions relate to the fees charged for professional medical (pain management) services provided by Dr Humble for consultations (including clinic appointments and telephone reviews), pre- and post-procedure appointments, treatments/procedures and all pain management services.

The structure used is in accordance with the major UK Private Medical Insurers including but not limited to; BUPA, AXA PPP, WPA, Standard Life, Norwich Union, Exeter, BCWA, First Assist, CIGNA, Pruhealth, Simply Health, Allianz and Allianz Worldwide. London Interventional Clinic adheres to the voluntary code of practice as set out in the ‘Voluntary Code of Practice for Billing Private Patients’, Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland, April 2008: http://www.aagbi.org/sites/default/files/code_of_practice_08.pdf

If you have Private Medical Insurance (PMI) that covers your Consultant’s fees You are legally liable for payment of your fees but your PMI may pay London Interventional Clinic some or all of the fees due. Please contact your PMI to obtain pre-authorisation for your appointment/consultation/treatment, and ascertain your level of cover in terms of any shortfall in fees. London Interventional Clinic requires payment of any known shortfall in advance of your appointment.

Paying your shortfall in cover

• Credit or debit card payment

Please telephone the clinic on 0208 185 72 73 to make payment for your shortfall.

• BACS / bank transfer

Please contact the clinic for our bank details.

• Cheques/postal orders

Should be made payable to the registered company name Hedox Ltd and sent c/o: Maple Leaf Clinic, 20 The Green, Twickenham, Middlesex TW2 5AB

If you think an error has been made – Please contact Sasha Roberts, Clinic Manager, on 0208 185 72 73

Additional charges for sundries requested by a patient

Private prescription £25

Fee for an administrative covering letter £25

Fee for a letter from Dr Humble that requires clinical review of your records £95 Insurance Provider Numbers for Dr Humble: BUPA / BUPA International: 04696458 Aviva: 600093757 WPA: 920651066 AXA PPP: SH05350 Exeter Friendly: S2170297 CIGNA: 203454 CS Healthcare: AN6028 Healix: ANAHUMB000 PruHeatlh/Vitality: 1226315453


  1. Please note that all clinic consultations, remote/telephone reviews and telephone calls from Dr Humble are chargeable so patients must ensure that authorisation has been obtained before requesting an appointment as if not covered by the insurer appointments will be payable in full by the patient themselves.
  2. Self-funded pain clinic consultations and treatment must be paid for by credit or debit card at the time of booking.
  1. Appointments cancelled with 24 hours notice will be refunded if pre-paid and will not be invoiced if for insured patients.
  2. Appointments not cancelled 24 hours prior to appointment or not attended will not be refunded and insured patients’ insurance companies will be invoiced.
  3. Insurers will often not allow telephone consultations to be billed as standard – patients should discuss this with their insurer. Any telephone consultations will need to be self-funded by patients if their insurer will not cover them.
  4. Please note that patients who have not been seen in more than three months will need a full formal review with Dr Humble before any further prescriptions can be issued.
  5. Pain management patients will need to ensure that their primary prescriber is their GP, as the London Interventional Clinic aims to treat patients via an interventional
  6. approach (where clinically indicated) rather than the prescribing of medication on a long-term basis.
  7. We recommend for best practice reasons that GP details are given to the London Interventional Clinic so that we can share information with primary care providers regarding patient treatment, care and progress.
  8. BMI Syon Clinic does not house an onsite dispensing pharmacy.
  9. Opioids will NOT be prescribed on a long-term or regular basis.


1. It is a patient’s responsibility to ensure that they provide the London Interventional Clinic with a full medical history prior to consultation and to advise Dr Humble as to any/all changes at each consultation/treatment session. London Interventional Clinic will not be liable for any resulting impact that occurs as a result of the patient’s failure to disclose any such details.

2. The patient agrees to comply with recommendations given to them by, or on behalf of, London Interventional Clinic regarding the care of a treated area.

3. Nothing in these Terms & Conditions shall exclude or limit the London Interventional Clinic’s liability for death or any personal injury resulting from negligence by the London Interventional Clinic.



Please contact the clinic directly by email or by phone with any queries you may have about your care, treatment or billing.



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